Rey Miranda

Rey Miranda of Pinoy Pictures!

I pride myself on being as diverse as I can be with the stories I help tell. Everyone has a voice. Everyone has a story to tell. I believe it’s my job to help tell those stories using the experience and knowledge I’ve gained working in the “biz” for nearly 25 years.

Our jobs are complicated enough. Pressures are constant and overwhelming while we’re working on our projects. But we try not to get in the way of ourselves. We’re respective of everyone’s needs on set. And we’re professional, respecting those who came before us and teaching the ones with and after us. It’s an oversimplification, sure. But it’s a solid base that has served me well.

We can talk about cameras and lights, and different technologies and techniques. I love talking shop. Some say, to a fault. But while we’re in the midst of lens choice and ISOs and Bit Rates, I may ask about family, favorite teams, and places traveled.

Drop me a line and tell me about your story.

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Clients include

Clients include BBC, BET, Opera Winfrey Network, NFL Network, Bravo, HGTV, TCM, Food Network, History Channel, TruTV, Marvel Studios, Tyler Perry Studios, Coke A Cola, NFL Films, and NASCAR.